Sain is a knight of Caelin. He helps Lyn get to Caelin, and fight Lundgren's forces.


Sain is a knight of Caelin. Along with the knight Kent, the two search for Marquess Caelin's granddaughter, Lyn. After finding her, they tell her about her lineage, and they escort her to Caelin. Along the way, their group is constantly pursued by bandits. During their first conflict, Sain attacks one of the bandits, but fails to hit it, because he is wielding a lance, which the bandit's axe gives it an advantage against his weapon. Along the way, they also meet up with Wil and Florina, Dorcas, Erk and Serra, Nils and Lucius, and finally, Wallace.

After meeting Florina, Sain convinces her to join their group, since she has to join a group of mercenaries to complete her Pegasus Knight training, and he thinks she is attractive. And after saving Erk and Serra from bandits, Sain convinces them to join Lyndis's Legions. Serra decides to join them after they receive details about the group's mission, and Erk, who is accompanying Serra, joins as well.

When Eliwood passes through Caelin, he notices that it is under attack by forces from Laus. During this battle, Sain fights alongside Lyn, with Wil, Kent, and Florina.