How Lucius feels...


Camp of Eliwood's Elite==

"... Hey Lucius, can I ask you something?" It was Wil. Lucius didn't really want to talk to him, especially since it was practically guaranteed that he was going to ask for help with love. Just like everyone else that day.

"Sure, Wil, what do you need?" He knew the answer already, especially since he had already been asked more or less the exact same question by Lyn, Kent, Florina, Sain, Rebecca, and Erk: "Do you know how to help me get close to *insert name of love here*?" But Wil asked a very different question.

"Is it wrong to be both joyful and heartbroken?"

Lucius was surprised. "No, it's not wrong. But might I ask why you feel this way?"

"Well, I love Rebecca with all my heart, but she seems really happy with Sain. I'm overjoyed because she's happy, but at the same time..."

"You wish you were the one making her happy?" Lucius finished for him.

"How did you know?"

"I've been in love too. I still am, in fact."

"Really? Who with?"

"Can you keep a secret I don't really want people knowing."

"Tell me already!" Wil wanted to know, and he wanted to know now.

"...Priscilla..." Lucius mumbled.

Wil was shocked. "What- How- But- Are you serious!?"

A voice came from behind. "Yeah, Lucius. Are you serious?"

Lucius recognized that voice immediately. It was Raven. And he knew he had quite possibly marked himself for death. "Oh... Hey Lucius... Well, yeah. I was serious."

Raven sighed, "Well..."


gasp* That's right ladies and gentlemen. Cliffhanger! Tell me what you think is gonna happen. Also, from this point on, I'm more or less gonna do little chronicles of each relationship. Obviously, a significant amount will probably overlap. Well, that's all for now. Later! AFErk Summon