Ninian is the daughter of Nergal and Aenir, and Nils' sister. Ninian was once an Ice Dragon who lived with the rest of the dragons in a world connected to the human's world through the Dragon's Gate.

Ninian artwork

Artwork of Ninian


Ninian and her brother, Nils, lived as Ice Dragons in their home world with the rest of the dragons, who were chased away during the Scouring. One day, they heard a voice calling out to them through a portal known as the Dragon's Gate. This gate separated their world from the one where all humankind lived. She and her brother decided to enter through the Dragon's Gate. After doing so, they discovered that it was Nergal who had called them. Ninian and her brother discovered that Nergal had called them so that he could use their power to open the Dragon's Gate. Ninian and Nils were imprisoned on the island they had entered upon passing through the Dragon's Gate: "Valor," also known as "The Dread Isle". They discovered they were not alone, and the Marquess of Pherae from Lycia was trapped on the island as well. They talked to him, and he told them stories about his family; his wife and his son, Eliwood. He then helped Ninian and Nils flee the island. After fleeing the island, they disguised themselves; Ninian disguised herself as a dancer and Nils disguised himself as a bard.