“Right now, you have two choices: You can walk away from all of this, and allow this world to be lost in silence...or you can draw your sword. Choice is yours. Make it count.”

—Zaruba, "The Golden Beast Awakens"

Nanashi Higarashi (ひぐらしななし, Higurashi Nanahashi) is the protagonist of Cogs of Destiny, a fanfiction story based on Fire Emblem Fates. He is voiced by Matthew Mercer and Hikaru Midorikawa.

Appearance Edit

Nanashi is a young teen with turquoise hair and light brown eyes. He is around 5'8" ft, and wears a Karamaki Academy uniform. It consists of a plain dress shirt with a red tie bearing a black "v" near the end, and a black blazer with white trims. He wears plain gray slacks, and black loafers. His hair also tends to hide his left eye.

Personality Edit

Otherwise calm and collected, Nanashi is analytical and level-headed, never flustered or anxious. The reason behind this was because of his outlook: life is like a game of shogi, and your opponent is an unknown. You know nothing of what may transpire, nor can you predict what may happen. Therefore, he expects various things to happen, even the most outlandish or unlikeliest of scenarios. That said, he can be surprised by certain events, though these usually tend to be the things he least expects to happen (in his view, the least likely scenario that may occur has a 10% probability of happening). These traits make him an excellent tactician, a role he begins to accept when he is pulled into the conflict between Nohr and Hoshido.

Nanashi is, at first, reluctant to accept his heritage as a Makai Knight and the current bearer of the name Garo, believing himself unworthy of the title and the responsibilities being a Makai Knight has. However, after facing the Horrors for the first time, and receiving encouragement from Corrin, he decides to take up the mantle. From there on, he takes his status seriously, and makes it his mission to protect humans, be them Nohrian or Hoshidan, from the Horrors, deciding to protect them equally - a trait which earns him some criticism and respect.

Abilities Edit


The Golden Knight, Garo

Nanashi is an expert tactician, able to think about various scenarios, and taking in every possible variable to account.