Morgan is one of the three main protagonists, alongside Eirika and Ephraim, of Fire Emblem Legends.

Personality Edit

Morgan is very friendly, but also very stubborn. He's naive and gets confused often. He had a close relationship with his mother, Avgi, in the future destroyed timeline, and a close relationship with his mother in the peaceful timeline. Morgan is close with his father, Henry, too, but doesn't like Henry's murderous actions. He lost much of his memory except moments that defined his life. He is close with animals, much like his father.

Biography Edit

Morgan was born in the doomed future of Ylisse. Before his birth, Henry was killed by Risen. He developed a close relationship with his mother, but she died when he was only 5 years old. He lived much of his life surrounded by animals, including Chrom's younger daughter, Caelicola. He came with Lucina and the other children to the peaceful Ylisse they should have been raised in. After Lucina slew Grima, avenging her father, Morgan went out of the kingdom for a while to see what was outside of Ylisse, as he has only ever lived there. He met Eirika, who was being attacked by bandits. Eirika's older twin brother, Ephraim, praised Morgan for saving his sister.

This will be continued as Fire Emblem Legends goes on!