Matthew is a thief from Ostia who serves Marquess Ostia.


Matthew first makes an appearance when Lyn travels to Araphen to get help from the Marquess there. He enters someone's house to spy on Lyn's battle with some of Lundgren's forces. When Lyn enters the house he is spying from, she talks to him and he joins her group, "Lyndis's Legions".


Matthew is known for being loyal to his job and is described by Lyn as "weird".


Matthew is the servant of Lord Uther (later Lord Hector), comrade of Oswin and Serra, and lover of Leila.


Matthew is extremely skilled at lockpicking and pickpocketing, and possesses a great deal of agility, nimbleness, and stealth. If he were to sign a Fell Contract, he might even display talent at assassination...