One of the Twelve Sarced Reincarnates who will help the Bringer of Light Our Saviour defeats the greatest evils. A young man who was a villager who rose to fame as one of the Twelve Sacred Reicarnations to bring peace he is a well known Dread Fighter and to be abel to take hundreds of men on his own  - The Holy Scribe of Elbib.


He was born to a poor peasant family and was a fishermen until the day came when a man who's name he didn't know told him that he and his twin sister Jamie would help him save the world thinking the man was crazy he blew him off ignoring what the mysterious man had to say. A few months later His village of Ishmaji was attacked by a evil man by the name of  Louis of Philistia. He had earned the infamous title  Black Dragon Battle Axe General . The man was abusing one of his cavaliers. A woman named Phillis saying that she had no place on the battlefield and that women are weak on a impulse as the general was about to kill Phillis The young peasant defended her seeing that previously she had let a few of his people go to safety he struck the generals mighty axe many times keeping the generals guard up and when the general swung his axe he dodged and the axe shattered as John stabbed the general Louis throught the stomach the general fell to his knees begging to be Sparred refusing him outright John swung his sword and beheaded the once great generals head. He and Phiillis became fast friends afterwards because she defected from her army. together they started the War Hawks a group that fights money. On their journey they met the other reircarnates who were Pete (M), Jude (M), Tommy (M), Jim (M), Matty (M), Andrea (F), Simone (F), Judy (F), Bartha (F) and alongs side the man from before who would be the light bringing saviour Yeshuani.


His armour changes per class up but his over all appearance stays the same. He has brown hair down to his shoulders hazel eyes and is well built he has olive skin his villagers clothes are green tunic and brown shit underneath and brown pants. His mercenary armour was brown with shoulder pads and suited him well.The armour he wears while he's a hero is a average looking suit of armour and is grey much like normal armour and he wears a a capes draped over one side of his shoulders which goes downcast his waist.