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Welcome to the Fire Emblem Fanon Wiki!Edit

Welcome to Fanon Emblem! This is a wiki entirely dedicated to Fire Emblem fanon and basic canon information. Anyone can add to the wiki or its contents, and those who do will definitely have the favor of Lady Lyndis and Lords Eliwood and Hector. All joking aside, we really would appreciate it. Now get out of here and start writing!

(We also welcome fanon from Fire Emblem games other than FE7, in case it isn't clear. The wiki starters just favored that game in particular.)

Join the Lycian League!Edit

Everyone is free to join, but there are certain rules that must be followed: First, no excessive profanity is allowed. Violation will lead to deletion. Second, there is no editing of another's pages without their express consent. Violation will lead to being blocked. These rules are meant to keep the wiki clean. Follow these rules and the site will remain a fun, relaxed place.

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