Below is a list of original characters for the FE7 Alternate Universe fanfiction Crimson Fang.

This list will be updated as the story progresses.

Arn's GroupEdit


A ex-Brigand from Bern. The bastard son of a cruel Bern noble, he scorns the nobility's claim to inherent superiority.


A renegade Cleric from Eturia. Rejects the official Church of Saint Elimine as a corrupt tool of the nobility, and a disgrace to Saint Elimine's name.


An Archer and former poacher from Bern. When she was a child, her father was hanged for poaching game from the royal preserves during a time of famine. When she grew up, she joined the Black Fang.


A male Pegasus Knight from Ilia. Neither formally trained nor even acknowledged as a true Pegasus Knight, his main concern remains earning enough to feed both himself and his Pegasus.