• Water's Great Guardian

    Huh. I forgot several plot points while I was writing the actual story, it seems.

    • The castle of Marquess Pherae is attacked and ravaged by Darin; many of Elbert's retainers are killed, as well as Eleanora and (presumably) Marquess Pherae himself.Both confirmed dead in the prologue.
      • Eliwood is thought to have been killed in this event, but Lowen managed to seize him and fled with him from the castle as Laus's soldiers advanced inward; the hysterical twelve-year-old Eliwood was in no state to resist. Eliwood fled on his parents' orders, though Lowen did accompany him. Eliwood was NOT hysterical... yet.
    • The rebellion is finally put down by Ostia, but at great cost. The stress provokes an attack of consumption in Uther, and he succumbs to it over …

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  • Water's Great Guardian

    Cripes. Er, I stumbled across this randomly, and realized I haven't touched this place for ages...

    Anyone else on here? Hello?

    If not, this ought to act as a place to store information on Crimson Fang (since I finally got around to beginning it). Maybe when I post that, I can attract users to the Wiki...

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  • The-christian-who-ownz-u


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  • Water's Great Guardian

    I moved this from the Aenir page, since it's technically more of a fan-theory of mine than fanon, and it cluttered the page.

    Why? Why must I lose?

    More power... I must be...stronger...


    Why? Why did I... want power?

    ......Aenir? ...Don't...under...stand... but...

    Gaa... Not like this... I will not this.

    With my last breath... tremble...and...despair.

    Hwah ha ha... Ha...ha ha ha...

    Those were the Dark Druid Nergal's last words. They may give insight as to what drove him to begin travelling down the dark paths that eventually corrupted his mind beyond all help: he may have sought the resurrection of his wife, and, in desperation, been willing to do anything to get it.

    On the other hand, on another occasion, he said to himself "I have po…

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