Aenir and Nergal

Aenir was Nergal's wife, and the mother of Ninian and Nils. Though she was kidnapped and killed during the Scouring, the humans of Ilia still revere her memory and hold a festival in her honor every year, as she was kind and helpful to the human residents of Ilia during her lifetime, and left Ilia rather than fight them.


  • In the English version of Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken, Aenir's name was mistranslated as "Quintessence" in Nergal's death quote, and Nergal's conversation with the young Nils and Ninian is translated in a way that implies "Aenir" is a place, not a person. Thus, many fans do not realize what her real name is; many believe her name is "Ninis", because Ninis' Grace belonged to Ninian and Nils's mother. [1]
  • It is unknown whether she was kidnapped by humans or dragons, as Nergal only specified that "bad men took her away" when talking to his children when he left them nearby the Dragon's Gate.